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The Ruth Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated

to helping young women, Ages 18-28 find freedom from life controlling

issues such as sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and/or traumatic pregnancy

resulting from lack of support, sex trafficking, rape, or incest. 




Residential Program

Our vision is to provide our residents with excellent program services that allow them to recognize their self-worth and prepare them to reach their full potential by transitioning them from crisis to self-sufficiency.


Program Structure

We are a Christ-centered nonprofit,  and our program features bible based counseling mixed with life-skills training and other empowering opportunities. Because it’s based on the Word of God, our program changes more than learned behavior. We believe It transforms hearts, thus bringing healing and freedom to hurting young women, with the results being a turn around in their entire lives. 

  • Life Skills Training – Each resident receives training in the areas of cooking, cleaning, managing a home environment, and managing a budget. These skills are taught in a class format and in a practical way, as each resident is responsible for assigned chores in the home.
  • Classroom Time – Each resident receives classroom teaching on forgiveness, anger management, setting boundaries, and other global principles to be applied in specific counseling sessions. 
  • Bible Classes – Each resident participates in daily worship and Bible reading.
  • Outside Activities – There are many opportunities for residents to experience components of life outside the walls of the home. Equine Therapy and Beach Therapy are a few activities that allow residents to experience life outside of The Ruth Home on a small scale so they can begin preparing to make decisions without the direct guidance of staff.
    • On Fridays, residents go on an outing to a local mall for shopping and lunch, as well as a local Target or Walmart for toiletries and other personal items.
    • Residents will be able to attend conferences, appropriate concerts and movies when tickets are donated.
    • Saturdays are a day off for the residents and they can sleep in, relax, and watch movies.

Healing and Freedom Steps

Once The Young Women Have Been Accepted into The Ruth Home

STEP ONE: The Rest Phase, which last 3 days and allows them to rest and eat nutritionally to bring some balance back to their lives. 

STEP TWO: This is the Restore Phase, where women receive a personalized case management plan, medical aid, trauma therapy, job placement, and restorative services. 

STEP THREE: The final step is the Relaunch Phase, in which survivors receive individualized planning and assistance with living independently, career goals, and continued support. We will be with them every step of the way!

Our Services


  • Residential Housing with a peaceful, nurturing environment
  • Life Skills: Each resident receives training in the areas of cooking, cleaning, managing a home environment, and managing a budget. These skills are taught in a class format and in a practical way, as each resident is responsible for assigned chores in the home.
  • Trauma Counseling
  • Spiritual support: Bible Studies, Prayer
  • Case management: Individualized Plan
  • Adoption Services
“A Place of Hope and Freedom”


Unplanned Pregnancy?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling alone?

Feeling hopeless?

Are you trying to decide to parent or adopt?

We care about you, and your child. If you need guidance in your pregnancy or if you’re in need of resources, we will provide counseling, prayer, resource referrals, and possibly housing to help in your time of need.


Short Film on Unplanned Pregnancy


Sexual Abuse FAQ's

Sexual abuse is any coerced sexualized behavior or undesired exposure to sexualized behavior between two or more individuals. The individuals involved may or may not know each other.

Both children and adults can be sexually abused.

* Any sexual behavior (including exposure to pornography) between an adult and a child.

* Any sexualized activity that includes coercion (force, threats, bribes, manipulation, drugs…)

  • Sexual activity when one party is impaired (drugs/alcohol, intellectually disabled, physically disabled…)
  • Exposure to sexual activity (live or in media)
  • Sexual behavior between children with an age discrepancy of 3 years
  • Coerced sexual behavior between children
  • Rape is the perpetration of an act of sexual intercourse when:
  • *will is overcome by force or fear (from threats, use of weapons, or use of drugs)
  • * mental impairment renders the victim incapable of rational judgment
  • * the victim is below the legal age established for consent.
Hidden America:
Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

My daughter, shall I not seek rest or a home for you, that you may prosper?”  Ruth 3:1

Dedicated With Love

The Ruth Home is Dedicated to Betty Ruth Frazier, her Daughter, Donna Ruth Sallee’, her grand-daughter, Kallai Ruth, and now her first great grand-daughter, Victoria Ruth.

Ruth in the Bible was a perfect example of a woman who lost everything but God restored more back to her than she lost. She lost her husband, her country, and her identity, then through a series of events God brought her hope and freedom to live again. She married a rich man, had a child, and was well known and respected in her new country! The story of Ruth is the epitome of Restoration, and that’s our desire for all the girls God puts in our path!   We invite you to READ THE Book of Ruth