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HopeGiver Advocates

Ready to take your passion to the next level?

The Ruth Home is recruiting advocates to join us in bringing awareness to The Ruth Home and Human Trafficking.

The HopeGiver Advocate Program

What is The HopeGiver Advocate Program?

It is a program where we train volunteers to educate students, churches, and community groups on the Ruth Home and human trafficking.

Advocates are equipped to inform others on what human trafficking is, how it happens, how to recognize the signs, and how to be part of the solution to ending it.

Advocates are also representatives of The Ruth Home who help with events and assist with The Ruth Home booth’s. Advocates are expected to multiply awareness of The Ruth Home and human trafficking through sharing The Ruth Home posts on their social media networks.

Two Types of Advocates: SILVER and GOLD

• SILVER Advocates assist with booths and events, and share social media posts.

• GOLD Advocates assist with booths and events, share social media posts, PLUS public speaking in either schools, churches, or community groups.

Interested in becoming a SILVER Advocate?
Step 1: If you have NOT, please fill out a HopeGiver Team application.https://theruthhome.org/advocates/
Step 2: You will receive an invitation to submit a Background Check. (Because of the population we serve, this is a requirement)
AFTER your successful background check You will receive an email directing you to the NEXT STEPS.


Step 3: Read Typography of Modern Day Slavery Report (Polaris Project): Download Report Here. 
Step 4: Attend HopeGiver Advocate Training which will include: 
  •     The Ruth Home Overview
  •      Communication Techniques
  •      CHOSEN Video
  •      Human Trafficking 101

Interested in becoming a GOLD Advocate?

Step 5: If you desire to become more involved with The Ruth Home as a Public Speaker, you will be trained as a GOLD Advocate.
These are the requirements:
  • Everything above PLUS:
  • CSEC training online
  • Complete an interview with staff
  • Complete 2 Video presentations that will be critiqued by The Ruth Home staff before you will be released to present publicly.


Sat, August 17, 2019



LOCATION: First Presbyterian Church, 509 Magnolia St, NSB, FL 32168


You MUST complete these required steps BEFORE attending Training:

Step 1. Complete a HopeGiver Team Application

Step 2. Submit and pass a Background check. (You will be sent a link to submit background check after we receive and approve your HopeGiver Team application by email)

Step 3. READ Typography of Modern Day Slavery Report (Polaris Project): Download Report Here.